Brancoveanu VSOP, the trustworthy friend


Ever since I became brand ambassador for Brâncoveanu Vinars, I often had to deal with the question “But which one do you choose?”. It’s easy to answer questions about how it’s made, what is the difference between VS, VSOP and XO, questions about the right moments to have one, or about cocktails and recipes. When it comes to „which one?”, I get the same feeling as if someone asked me “which is the best wine?” or “which is your favorite wine?”.
To explain – my favorite wine has no reason to be your favorite. And the best wine in the world does not exist. There may the highest score given by one critic or another, the most awarded wine of the year, the most… But if the one I praised the most is a dry red, and your taste is in search of a sweet white, we probably won’t ever have the same wines in our personal top 10.

Returning to vinars – it is obvious that the differences between VS, VSOP and XO are noticeable, even big, if you have educated taste buds, but in no case as big as between a sweet Tamaioasa from Moldova and an American Cabernet. Each one has their own logic, moment and context. That being said, I will confess: every time I hesitate, I choose a Brancoveanu VSOP. And the reasons are many… Firstly it requires less attention than an XO, offering, on the other hand, significantly more than a VS. It does not become the topic of discussion at the table, but it does not go unnoticed.

You may find it inappropriate, but my opinion is that a VSOP goes well in cocktails, especially after a light lunch in the summer. Even more, if I don’t quite hit a home run with an experimental cocktail recipe, at least I didn’t spoil an XO 🙂 VSOP is friendly, accessible and cheerful – a bit more fun comes in handy, especially this season, especially after the misfortunes of the last 18 months …

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