Pivnițele Birăuaș

Pivnițele Birăuaș is one of the few wineries in Romania that truly deserves the title of “boutique winery”. Located in the heart of the Minis-Maderat vineyard, in Ghioroc, the winery has only 5 hectares of vineyards, cultivated with just three grape varieties – Pinot noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and Burgund Mare (Blaufrankish).

The winery, as can be seen today, has been operating since 1801, being originally established under the name of Domains Josef Domany, known as former official supplier to the Imperial Court in Vienna. The domain was reborn in 2002, under the name of Pivnițele Birăuaș, a name maintained even after a change of ownership. The company’s patrimony includes the Domany mansion, four cellars and part of the initial vineyard of the estate.

The production philosophy is focused on quality, the wines going through stages of maturation in French oak barrels and, then, aging in glass. The winery also has a small distillery, the obtained brandy being marketed as such or used in the production of specially fortified wine – walnut wine.

• Contact person: Mirian Mircov

• Telephone: +40 722 343 528
• E-mail: office@pivnitelebirauas.ro
• Opening hours: –
• Name of the company: SC BELLAGIS SRL
• Established in 2002
• Owner: Mirian Mircov
• Oenologists: Bujor Birauas/Mirian Mircov (starting with 2017)
• Annual production: 15-20.000 bottles
• Annual production capacity: 30.000 liters/ year
• Surface: 4 owned hectares + 1,5 leased
• Direct sales: YES
• Winery address: Dr. Stefan Bulzan 31c, Ghioroc, Arad
• Headquarters address: Dr. Stefan Bulzan 31c, Ghioroc, Arad
• Website: www.pivnitelebirauas.ro

• Last Update: January 2021

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